Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who continues to send responses to $300 Sows Ear

If you want your comments posted to MY blog, do not leave them anonymously. I do not post anonymous posts. Your posts were NOT deleted as you accused me of doing, they are sitting waiting to be moderated, I don't delete anything. And if you tell me your name, I'll POST THEM RIGHT HERE TO MY BLOG. Because it's YOUR opinion, just like it was MY OPINION on MY BLOG.
And I respond by saying :
1. I did NOT judge anyone? I just wanted people to THINK about what they were spending money on in this day and age.
2. You're actually JUDGING ME for assuming that I am judging? Think about what you've written and if you'll actually want it posted with your name attached to it. Because since you're NOT identifying yourself, then I "assume" the answer is NO. And it seems as if you're mad. There is no reason to get mad - ??? It's just my opinion. . .of which I have attached my name.
3. Send me your name OR post with a name and I'll happily publish it. =o)


Shelley said...

Yikes, that post was from a long time ago. Someone needs to get a life if they are still emailing you about that. BTW, I don't own any $300 purses either. And I don't feel deprived at all.

Carol Dean said...

Sounds like someone needs to "get over herself" eegads. Your blog is your blog. If she doesn't agree with what you wrote and feels such a strong need to share that with you, she should have the backbone to identify herself (it's not that hard to set up a blogger account).

As for spending $300 on a purse...I'm asking people to spend almost that much on some of my necklaces. Not a whole lot of folks have taken me up on that, however. LOL :D

Jewels said...

Hmmm, interesting post that was. My D.H. bought me a leather Roots Hobo bag for our 10th anniversary. I hummed and hawed for MONTHS before I agreed that yes, we could swing it, but only because said bag was now on sale. It WAS a $300, but we got it for $150, and I love, love, LOVE it! And being from Roots, it also comes with a lifetime warranty, and is of very high quality. I've used it over and over, and it's become my 'go to' bag. I also have a closet full of purses. And shoes. And, well, other accessories that at some point or other, I couldn't see myself being able to live without... But in my defense, I'm a super frugal shopper, and never pay full price for anything [in a mall]! ;)

But, like CD, I too carry pieces in the $300 range... Do the rules apply to artist-made splurges?

The Hole Bead Shoppe said...

LoL - Carol, thanks for posting. I love comments, always have, always will. My intention is to spur thought and if thought provokes debate, so be it.
@Jewels - NO rules to this life!!! LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH I say. If laughing includes buying a $1000 purse, then do it!!!! As I said in my original blog post "It's YOUR money and spend it the way you want" BUT it's nice to think about what we spend our money on...
In my earlier years it was spending on a WANT basis, now it's spending on a NEED basis. When it comes to my business, I spend $1000's of dollars and even though I KNOW it's supposed to make me financially better in life - I STILL think about those purchases.
P.S. I am glad the blog has spurred comments,debate and thoughts...I'm happy to POST ANY and ALL posts as long as (no cursing please) the person attaches their name to it.
Let's TALK about it. . . what ELSE do we spend hundreds of dollars on??

flaurena™ said...

This anonymous poster is a troll (see for the definition, if you are curious). I think you can disable anonymous comments in your settings. Let me know if you need help :)

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