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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

wit dat?

Been a couple of days since I blogged and well. . . I have NOTHING to blog about? Wassup wit dat? Mymindiscloggedwithbusinesstypethings. So I am going to write about how funny (funny silly, not funny ha ha) I am at 44.

Thanks to my friend L.C. as most of you know (or don't), I recently started Twittering, FB'in and blogging. Being new to all these public forum type arenas, I am only minutely irritated by all the "STUFF" everyone complains about and still in the "wow did you know" stages of i'll put anything out there babydom.

When you log onto to Twitter, it gives you a "what are people twittering list" to search. When I started, I saw STARS names on the list and of course immediately typed in "Daniel Day-Lewis" much to my surprise (remember my babydom), there was his picture and his "TWEETS"...I immediately clicked the TWITTER-STALK button. My first voluntary TWITTER-STALK completed I moved on to my first TWITTER posts. 140 characters? What can someone like me say in 140 characters or less? Not much. Pee-shaw. L.C. warned me about Twitter-lazy...thank goodness.

On to blogging. On to Facebook. Gathering friends on Facebook became a non-evasive cyber hunt. Much more fun hunting than pecking 140 characters and twitter-stalking, right? AND Facebook magically keeps asking me if I want to be friends with this person, that person, WHO? And how did they KNOW? And OH HOLDY MOLDY, I have not heard from that person in a neon blip. And then, I hooked up my Facebook to post on TWITTER so I really need NOT visit TWITTER since I can accomplish two tasks at one time? Whoza Whatza? Yep. I mean what I said, I said what I meant. You can. I swear.

So tonight. . . I got THREE new TWITTER-STALKERS. I thought, maybe I should go to TWITTER and visit my stalkers and stalkees

AND. AND. AND. There was a TWEET from Daniel Day-Lewis. HE RESPONDA-TWERPED ME! 

Now I sit and think, am I getting all twitter-pay-ted over a NON-Daniel Day-Lewis TWEET poseur? 

But, ohhhhhhhhh what if it is? Just the thought of a cyber tweet passed between ME and my ALL time favorite actor of forever is enough to erase any bad that could happen to me for at least ONE WEEK? Maybe ONE MONTH? And if another TWEET should transpire....ohhh la-la-la...should I say, could I say, just once, here in words that I was certainly TWITTER STALKED by Daniel Day-Lewis?
I'll drink that milkshake!
Thanks for reading. Thanks for being here. Post. Comment!

And another funny thing. Twitter just got berry, berry interesting. :o) And um...this post is hubby approved.

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