There is nothing Micro about Microcrystalline wax.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Why are there two L's in Micro-crystal-line? Who knows? But this stuff is freaking AWESOME.

I've been using Microcrystalline Wax since Laura McCabe's first book. . . at the time, my theory was "IF Laura says it - it must be?"

How our wax looks, exactly.

But after using the wax, I know why she uses it and why you should.

Find our Wax on the Web here: Wax on. Wax OFF.Microcrystalline Wax (say it five times fast - you end up saying WHACK instead of WAX) is:
1. Tacky like Thread Heaven but is wax. So it can add a static charge to your thread and/or weight down unruly twisty thin thread.2. Adds thickness, bulk, heft to your thread - even Fireline and Spiderwire.3. Does NOT get "decadent" like natural wax,
4. Adds tensile strength to your thread
5. Has a lower boil point than Bees' or Natural Wax.Why care about the lower boil point - you ask? Because if you work with glass beads - you get wax all over them and they lose their shine, luster, glimmer, spark, bling!! 

Using Microcrystalline Wax allows you to WASH YOUR WORK and remove the wax residue. WAH-LAW. Spark. Bling. Glimmer. Shine. Luster. Clean beads!

We sell our wax in a 4 ounce tub. It's HUGE. I suggest you cut it in pieces and store it in the fridge - it's going to last you a long time! 

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