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Monday, May 7, 2012

When I began beading with seed beads in 2005, I taught myself how using Nymo D thread, size 10 needle and Bee's wax. I remember many people talking about Fireline at the time but I couldn't get my head around using Fireline because it kinked, curled, twisted and actually fought back? I spent more time untwisting, uncurling and being kinky than I did beading. . . no fun. 

Since then I have of course, tamed the Fireline beast with Microcrystalline Wax and Thread Heaven but it was a tough lesson learned over a long period of time.

I'm not sure when or how, I came across K.O. Thread but I can't believe I can't remember - it was one of those life changing "ah-ha" moments you have when creating anything handmade. At the time, K.O. only came in a few colors and it is NOT cheap like Nymo but you get what you pay for, ya see?

K.O. Thread is the creation of Master Beader Sonoko Nozue. She developed this thread as an alternative to Nymo. K.O. thread is pre-waxed, colorfast, abrasion/tangle resistant and can maintain a very tight knot. It is similar to Nymo B and almost identical to Toho's One G thread but I like it much better than One G because you can't see nor feel the braids. It is a 55 yard spool, 18 colors and we sell it for $3.25 or an assortment pack (see pictures) for $38.00.

Unfortunately, like any threads, K.O. can be cut by crystal's inner edges and sharp objects but it's tougher than other threads I've used and very pliable. It comes off the spool kinky as all-get-out but when you give it a good yank, it relaxes and becomes soft, supple and easily managed (and we're back to the kinky talk). 

If you're looking for a professional grade thread. As a weaver of over 9 years experience with every mode of thread possible -  I wholeheartedly recommend K.O. Thread. 

Find K.O. here.

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