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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Alas, our contests are over. We did enjoy giving away so many prizes and gift certificates and were overwhelmed by the gratitude shown to us by some of the winners. We felt that some of the winners realized - we're a TINY family business and giving away so much, when the economy is tough - was tough. However, we truly wanted to THANK so many of our clients and we enjoyed doing so.
Here is a list of contests - giveaways and winners! Thank you all for being sooooooooo special.

Jar oh' Lucies Winner:

Jar oh' Lucies Official count: 1361

Kelly Dale of North Carolina - FINALLY won with her entry:

CandyLovesJosh said...

OK, I'm going to guess 1350 pieces. LOVE LUCITE!
Day of the Dead Challenge Winners:
First PRIZE values $315.00 : Stephanie Haussler 
Second PRIZE valued $100.00: Shelley Nybakke-Pleines
Third PRIZE $25.00: Beth Dewey
Facebook/Blog Fan Favorite valued $25.00: 

Trivia - Blog - Facebook Giveaways :

December 16th, 2011 Blog Winners: 
Rachel Riska VanDyne won $25.00
 Vimala Nichols won $25.00
  Patricia Bergman won $25.00
 Tammy Sodavis won $25.00
 Penny Dabato won our Facebook Fan page giveaway – Why do you want to win a kit? A kit valued at $50.00 
December 9th, 2011 Blog Winners:
 Mandy Duffy wins the book Dimensional Beading by Jamie Cloud Eakin
 AJ Reardon wins the FB Fan page giveaway – Why do I want to win a mystery box?
 Anne Ypsilon  won $25.00
 Mary Marshall won $25.00
 Chris Pratt won $25.00
 Karen Shaffer won $25.00
 December 2nd, 2011 Blog Winners:
 Kim Dworak won $25.00
 Jeanne Marie DiAmicis won $25.00
 Beverly Moon won $25.00
 Nicole Jones won $25.00
 November 25th, 2011 Blog Winners:
 Deb Leon won $25.00
 Marilou Porth won $25.00
Mona Peepers Ahleman won $25.00
 DeAnn Shirling won $25.00
 November 18th, 2011 Blog Winners:
 Freda Smith won $25.00
 Lisa Mason won $25.00
 Shannon Iko Chomanczuk won $25.00
 Valerie Jackson won $25.00
 BONUS: Denise Uttke won the Book Classical Elegance 
BONUS:  Michelle Waugh won the Jean Campbell Book 
BONUS: Dana Smith wins the $25.00 –Kelli Burns FB page winner 
November 11th, Blog Winners:
 Jennifer VanBenschoten won $25.00
 Katie Nelson  won $25.00
 Juanita Young won $25.00
 Linda Kienzle won $25.00
 November 4th, Blog Winners:
 Kristen Ho won $25.00
 Kristen Stevens won $25.00
 Vivien Noll won $25.00
Yvette Fontenot $25.00
 Linda Darmes won Bead Riffs by Rachel Nelson Smith 
Mary Marshall won our FB giveaway – a Laura McCabe autographed book and eyeball. 
Elizabeth Schrader won the Swarovski Magazine/Book 
October 28th, Blog Winners:
 Kristen Ho won $25.00
 Sally Anderson won $25.00
 Donna Fitzgerald won $25.00
 Christina Pawass won $25.00
 October 21st Blog Winners:
 V. M. Smith won $25.00
 Stephanie Haussler won $25.00
 LisaMason won $25.00
 Evelyn Eslinger won $25.00
 October 14th Blog Winners:
 K. Nelson won $25.00
 K. Dworak won $25.00
 K. Beber won $25.00
 N. Turvey won $25.00
 October 7th Blog Winners:
 F. Smith won $25.00
 R. Letterman won $25.00
 D. Fryer won $25.00 
S. Hielscher won $25.00 

Congratulations are in order for all these winners and particpants and entries to our Day of the Dead Challenge. We hope you enjoyed our contests...stay tuned. We just might go crazy again. . . soon! 


Tia Dalma said...

I hope the Anonymous person can be found to claim that beautiful jar of Lucite! But I am always willing to accept the prize if you can't them! Haha!

I was one of the winenrs during the last week of the Blog/FB contest and I just wanted to say Thank You again!

I never win these kinds of contests so it was very exciting for me...my first contest win! And I got some beautiful beads with my gift certificate!

Kim said...

Thank you for the contests!!

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