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Thursday, May 10, 2012

50mm Metallic or Galvanized Lucite Flower from Vintage stock

Today's feature is Galvanized Lucite in all it's glory. Shining. Made to match the current hottest effects of real metal with none of the weight. You can make one of those extremely popular GI-GAN-TOR pieces of jewelry and not feel like a YOKE is tied around your neck!
VINTAGE: Brite Silver leaves, perfect for layering

Some of our Galvanized pieces are VINTAGE and some is current production. Either way - Galvanized Lucite gives you MORE options when it comes to designing that one-of-a-kind piece of handmade jewelry. So what are you waiting for??
VINTAGE: 56mm Flower a.k.a. "The Twin Spiders"

The 15x15mm Heart shape D_L63 is one of the most popular selling leaves we have - we can't seem to keep them in stock. We carry it in Gold, Silver and Antiqued Gold, Silver & Copper. The Antiqued Copper matches perfect with metals like Vintaj and Nunn Designs.
We have also used the metal 15x15mm D_L63 heart/palm leaves in a flower design. But we've made rings out of the flower so you have the in fashion big style ring, no weight and can even add a Rivoli in the center to curb those crystal cravings. Find the kits, here.

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