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Monday, March 19, 2012

So this is Christmas - Limited Edition Red/Green and White Sampler

We've been creating and selling Lucite Samplers for 9 years now. I would have to say that we've become pro's at creating new color mixes, almost at a rate of 2 per year. We now have over 60 samplers ranging from $16.00 to $22.00 which contain a small sampling of the best of our Lucite, the most popular sellers in their categories and ranging from 45 to 60 pieces. We've got the science down so well now that you'll probably get the exact same color of a style if you want the Sampler - a couple of months later (unless we're out of stock on that style/color)
Black and White Sampler Mix $21.00
We developed Samplers to take the guess work out of ordering off the web. Some of our clients just want to order a small amount of product without searching through the pages and pages of styles and color ranges we have...and other clients just want simplicity - whatever your reason, we have kept you in mind when making these super sellers!
Our version of the French Family's favorite colors
Whether you like purple or just leaves or only flowers or Jet or want to make a wedding ensemble for a bride all in white. We've got a Sampler to fit your budget and design idea. 

Samplers are a perfect way to make one of our first published designs - Lucies' Garden. We have based all our Lucite projects after the first one and try (I say try because although we try - it doesn't always work out for us) to name any of The Hole Bead Shoppe's published Lucite projects "Lucies'
The Chintz version of Lucie's Garden is made from the Marie Antoinette Sampler!
We have Lucies' Day in the Sun, Lucies' Daisy Patch, Lucies' First Christmas, Lucies' Branching Out, Lucy You're so Charming and Lucies' Pearl Cuff thus far, with more planned.
Lucies' Day in the Sun featured in Beadwork!
So if you're looking for an easy design solution and don't have time to search for all the styles and colors we have - stop by the Sampler Shop. We'd love to ship you a few and it's a great way to start your collection of Lucite without "bustin' yo' beady bank".

Do you LOVE our Samplers? Tell us why! Haven't seen them - see our selection here. Are you wholesale - we launched our WHOLESALE SAMPLERS in 2010. Contact us here for information and a link -WHOLESALE SAMPLERS

Like what you see? Share it. Join us. Leave a comment. We'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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