Lucite Star -Daffodil - SPIKE Flower

Monday, April 2, 2012

Today's feature is D_F31 Star flower. I'm calling it a "star - Daffodil - SPIKE" flower because by itself it resembles a star, however, it's supposed to be paired with the D_F32 to assemble a Daffodil flower but customers always ask "Do you have that SPIKY flower? 

If you didn't know already - all Lucite flowers are stack-able or able to be paired, stacked, set atop another to create another type of flower. So if you're ever stuck in a design and need a new flower - try stacking them! 

Above are some pictures of examples we just took for the purpose of the blog showing an F32, F31 and F21 setting atop each other. (the crystal matte example is actually part of the rose). You may notice that contrasting colors actually show the depth of the pieces stacked while correlating colors seem to show the texture of the flower. 

We've also added Lucite flowers into bouquets of woven flowers, made dragonfly wings and incorporated them into other areas of beadwork where they didn't appear to be a flower - see our Beaded Book - Flowers for Algernon piece we beaded for Interweave Press. A completely beaded front, back and center of a REAL book.

Of course all this depends on personal taste. We have seen so many examples of our Lucite used in ways we wouldn't have personally thought of doing and the beauty of others works always astounds us! It is a wonderful moment in beading to see that a product you sell, inspires others to create beautiful jewelry designs.

Like what you've seen? Want to find the D_F31 flower? Click here.

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