First Blog Attempt (second time?) haha

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thanks to a new friend:

Every minute, every day, I see, hear, read Tweet, Twitter, Blog, Facebook, this that. I'm 44. I say "Who has the time?" I have so much to do already...

It's a long story better left unsaid but lets just say by chance I started chatting with an unexpected new friend. I'll call her L.C. By chance we started talking about Twitter, tweet, twirp, chirp. I said "Who has the time?" She was so nice. She explained so much. I thought "If she has the time to do that for me, then I have the time to write a few words"? or not? 

I can't promise L.C. that this is something I'll keep up. But isn't it about being able to meet people you would have never met. About people sitting behind computers and sharing niceness? Believe me. If I keep this up, I'll have WONDERFUL "Ohhhhhhhh you won't believe what happened to me today stories!!" And not so much of this gushy nicey nice. 

But I did want to say "Thank you L.C. for taking a minute. Just a minute to make my world a little brighter today.

Now. I got my Twitter. I got my Facebook. I got by and well as soon as I stop clicking the wrong buttons, I'll figure out how the HECK to keep this in the little square and post it. 

You should know that I deleted this at least five times now and KEEP writing the same danged thing. So. Now. This is my first blog attempt. I am 44. I own a bead shop. I love beading. I love my dear husband who at this moment is trying to figure out FACEBOOK because it's what I wanted. 

So once I post this, everyone can read it? Kinda strange. For my first blog attempt, I'll keep it private. I think I'll have more to write later.

Thanks for being here.

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