Second Attempt at Blog?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New to Me:

One of my favorite family pictures. Me. Sitting on my fathers lap. Don't I look like I can't get close enough to him? I wish I remembered the picture and why I look the way I do...
Sitting in the middle of the store on our "store computer" trying to formulate something utterly witty to publish for the entire world to see is no easy task? 

Tonight I will inform our entire list of the NEW: Twitter, Facebook, Blog.....etc. It is almost like a Grand Opening. I hope everyone is patient. Understanding that I have NEVER even attempted to be literally sound OR publish any private thoughts, pictures, etc on the web. I mean, my entire family thinks the WEB is mostly evil? I told my father his name was on the Internet and he said "I didn't give them permission to put my name on the web, who do I call to get them to remove it?"

So here I am. Posting who knows what for who knows who to see? But with these times, these economic times. Isn't any form of advertising better than none at all?

And also, in the back of my mind...I think "Who is going to read MY BLOG?" I mean who am I? haha

So for now. I'll post this information.

We're having a sale at my bead shop. If you're interested in saving money. You'll use the coupons. :o)

Remember. One coupon PER transaction PER sale item. NO other discounts apply. So if you're WHOLESALE or a DESIGNER. You can't use these coupons because you already get a discount. The sale is for our RETAIL clients.

20% OFF Rivoli's use COUPON CODE: 1122 (one, one, two, two)

20% OFF Samplers use COUPON CODE : SAMPLER

Sale ends August 18th.

Happy shopping.

I'll post more later.

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