The Importance of Friends. . .

Saturday, August 15, 2009

VERY hard work today:
I have spent the last 10 hours uploading pictures to our FACEBOOK account. Check out some of them

As previously mentioned, I was in Dallas seeing my girlfriends when my Nana passed away. Here we are at Pappadeux's in Addison. Weird, we hadn't seen each other in years (I mean YEARS!) and we all wore black. Unfortunately, I did not get a pic of Suzzane a.k.a. Chili Dog that night. Things got confusing. People got lost. Pictures got forgotten. I regret that. Even though we reminisced about "good ole days" we had lots of NEW and exciting information to share and every time I look at this picture, I realize the importance of having friends in your life. 

What I mean to say...(segue way did not work this time...haha) is why are sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. so popular? Are humans such social creatures that even when we want to be alone in the safety of our houses that we have to surround ourselves with people disguised as Avatars? And what I noticed about these sites is the "tally" get rewarded for having HIGH TALLY of Followers, Friends, etc....blah blah blah. You can post as much or as little about yourself as you want. You can show everyone, no one or just a few select people what you've posted. 

Does it really just come down to control? Have we lost so much control of our finances, children, jobs, lives in general that these sites let us regain some of that control, so we flock to them? You can block people. You can reject their offer of Friendship. You can question their intentions. You can even edit what they say once you let them be your friend or DELETE it. 

Maybe, I over think things. Maybe, just maybe it's just the simple fact of being a cheap, easy way to stay in touch with people you used to know? 

I wish I got to see my friends more. I used to have a TON of friends. I hope to make more friends. However, right now, I don't have control over my time. My business does. My bills do. 

So think about it next time you log on to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, a blog of your choice. Are you having fun? Are you seeing who likes you and wants to be your friend? Is it about control? Are do you really just want to see your friends?
I know there is nothing that substitutes for seeing your friends in person. I hope to go back to Dallas soon. I don't want to wait another 13 or so years to hug the girls and laugh so hard my face hurt.

I would LOVE to hear some great stories about your friendships and why you LOVE your public forums. What draws you to these sites? What are your fondest memories of your friends?


PS Thank you all for writing to me about Kodi. As he sleeps at my feet....I feel him breathing. What a great feeling that is tonight.


Zura said...

I enjoyed your thoughts about social media. Thought provoking! I have been social on the internet since before there was Windows! I have moved a lot and it has allowed me not only to keep up with old friends, but I have made very deep friendships with people I met online. In fact I met my soon-to-be husband online!

The Hole Bead Shoppe said...

I met my hubby online too. I have been on AOL for 17 years. And yes, the online services have allowed me to keep in touch too, I too have moved around alot too. But I'm wondering about the other services...what do you like or dislike about Facebook, MySpace, etc? :o)

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