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Sunday, August 16, 2009


I just don't feel like writing. I've been sitting here wondering what to write about but nothing is coming into my pea brain. . . so I won't push it.

Here is what I will say:


1122 (one, one, two, two). Coupon saves you 20% on Rivolis' on our site.

SAMPLER coupon saves you 20% on SAMPLERS on our website. We never ever put Samplers on sale. So 20% off is a GREAT deal.

We also have a 20OFF50 coupon circulating for Beading Daily members. The coupon gives you 20% off a total purchase of $50. So your purchase only has to be $50 and you get 20% off.

Coupons can only be used one time.

Coupons cannot be used together.

Multiple orders (((if you're a smarty))) will have shipping combined and overages on shipping will be refunded either through Paypal OR in your order. We charge for your shipping, not a bunch of extra stuff.

So shop away!

PS. Check out Kate McKinnon's site if you have not. She has a sale going on and some FANTABULOUS stuff.

PPS. Check our Laura McCabe's site just because SHE ROCKS!

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