It is Friday!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yes, Friday. Means the weekend for most. For me it means three uninterrupted work days. I get to concentrate on design ideas. 

Work on the web. Write instructions for designs. Work on my book outline and insert more data into the actual pages of the book. So far, just inputting info into the book I have over 75 pages. There is no real information in the book yet! So I am on my way to having enough information for a book. Now I just have to find someone who wants to publish it. 

We just shipped the Phalange Plot rings off to a magazine for publication, no date as of yet. (picture above).

Today was a slow day in the store but the web was very busy. We got our first order from Finland. I want to get a HUGE world map and put those little stick pins on all the states, cities, countries, continents and ummm...parishes (Yep..goooo Louisiana) we've sent orders! 

My grandmother is coming from California in about 6 weeks and it would be cool to have a map like that for her. She would be so proud. My older sister Cheryl is coming from North Carolina too! She's never seen our store. So we're going to have a GOOD OLE TIME.

Back to the weekend. 

So this weekend I am working on a necklace support for a bezeled Rivoli idea I've had for about 5 months now. Tarlee in her infinite wisdom has figured out how to make my idea come true. :o) Ya buddy.

Also, working on two other versions of the "Material Girl" cuff to be sent to a magazine, we're waiting on a due date.

And then. . . I am going to try to start work on my two necklace ideas. Tarlee has a pearl cuff she's been working on and we just need instructions for it. 

Soon....we're going to start working on inventory for To Bead True Blue in Tucson, Arizona.

As soon as we get back we have to replenish stock for:

Bead Blast, Kansas City
Bead & Button Wisconsin

In the middle of all the aforementioned excitement, we have to have our own family events, birthdays, holidays, etc. Our plate is certainly full. 

What is on your agenda? What are your plans? Do you make a goals list each year? Do you make a daily planner list? If you're planning to enter Fall Craft fairs or trade shows to sell your jewelry or wares, let us know.

Tell us everything! We want to know what you have planned. Send us your pics. Ideas, thoughts.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for being here. Post. Comment.

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