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Monday, August 31, 2009

It's almost 1 a.m. in the morning, Tuesday. I am working at home tomorrow for many reasons...I'm tired and I can't sleep? Do you ever have that happen? My eyes are heavy but when they slowly close, they pop open just as fast?
Only a few people know (not anymore, haha) but many of my designs come from what I call "my muse." Okay. I am crazy. Go ahead and say it. My muse has no name (I call her Lucy) but I can see her clearly in my mind. The strange thing about my muse is she only comes to me while I sleep.
She came to me in a dream and handed me Lucies' Daisy Patch. She had it in her hand and gave it to me. She said "Make it and they will love it." And she told me how to make it. When I woke up, I knew how to make Lucies' Daisy Patch and I had never made it before. My muse gave me several other designs but they were not as clear as Daisy Patch and our newest Metal and Lucite Poseur rings.
The girl in the picture above, looks almost exactly like my muse. Everything about her is the same except the color of her hair, which is lighter blond than the small child above. When she appears in my dreams she has a yellow and white gingham dress on and a laurel wreath of white baby's breath flowers with yellow and white daisy's lacing in and out of the wreath. She has white Mary Jane's on with white socks that have tiny yellow and white daisy's on around the hem.
As I type about my muse, I wonder if putting her story on paper will cause her to go away. I have only told a very select people about her in fear that she might not like me talking about her! I guess it's like a baseball player wearing the same pair of socks while on a winning streak.
But my muse has been on my mind lately. I often wonder why she appeared in the first place and why she doesn't appear more and why she is so elusive.
I've never been able to summon her and she appears and both opportune times and inopportune times. There is absolutely no rhyme nor reason why/when she appears but I always know where. In my dreams.
For now, I guess I will have to be happy with whatever she gives me. And not look a "gift muse" in the mouth.
Do you have a muse? What is it? Write and let us know....
Thanks for being here. Thanks for reading. Post. Comment.

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