Tonight we'll have a laugh at my expense...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I sent one of those e-mails to my friends, posing a random question to get an idea of what your friends think of you. Although I have not received a response to ALL the e-mails. I just laughed so hard, I wanted to post them tonight. I'll add more as I receive them.
I'm not going to put the person's entire name to protect them...haha

The question was:

If you saw me in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for?

Here are the answers:

M.B.> WHoopin someones ass for disturbin yer peace

C.B.> lewd and lascivious. No, just kidding. Probably for insubordination to a police officer after a routine traffic stop.

F.P.> Trying to save a stray cat on the freeway.

K.V.> Murder. Nothing premeditated, but you'd see someone beating a dog or their kid or something and run 'em down. :)

M.D.> You know what? You'd be one of those people who gets arrested for putting money in other people's expired parking meters... that's just how you are :)

J.Q.> For NOT PAYING TAXES ON YOUR BEADS! (he's a retired cop? haha)

S.C.>melt down in a crowd, possible police ride to the sanitarium, not jail!! I'll meet you there...tee hee! (she knows I don't like crowds...haha)

So, I pose this question. Do you know what your friends think of you? As I stated, I haven't gotten responses from every single person I sent the question to, but did you notice a pattern in my friends answers? They all think I am outspoken and would stand up for myself or the little person? That I would probably say what was on my mind.

I really liked getting their answers. I was genuinely curious to see what they had to say. . .
So, pose the question to your e-mail list of friends. See what people think of you.

Post the answers on your blog or here!
That is all for tonight.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for reading. Post. Comment.

Good Night.

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