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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

an incredibly nice thing for you,
today. Was a crap day. I woke up late. The net was down. I felt behind all day. I am still trying to catch up now at 9pm.

As you may have read from an earlier blog. My lil baby Kodi has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. We made the decision not to treat him. (you can read all about it below). As you can imagine, the vet bills are ASTRONOMICAL. And to boot, my dear hubby got laid off, along with millions of other people across the country! So the bills have hit us at a very inopportune time. But I would pay a zillion dollars to change what is going to eventually happen to Kodi.
On to the incredibly nice thing that was done. . . my friend Karen sent money to my vet to help pay for my vet bills. She didn't tell me she was going to do it. She just did it and then told me. She called around and found my vet and sent them money. At first I was angry. Then I was embarrassed. Then I cried. Then I was grateful.
I googled: "What to do when someone does something incredibly nice for you". I found an interesting website http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2005/10/20/30-things-you-can-do-to-change-the-world-in-30-seconds/

And I thought, I am not the only person who thinks about these types of things. And though I thought her list to be very detailed and inspiring. And good for her to challenge all bloggers to "make their own list", I thought one very important simple idea was missing from her list of 30 things to do to change the world.

My list would include the words "Thank you." Which are the words I eventually told Karen, after I dealt with the feelings I had over someone doing something incredibly nice for me. I told her Thank you, over and over again.

What my challenge is to you, reader, would be TO: POST your INCREDIBLY NICE STORIES for the world to read. Either on my BLOG or another blog, but WRITE ABOUT what someone did for you. Maybe by reading what others did for you, it may lead to strangers doing incredibly nice things for strangers.

Someone might say Thank you. Someone might pay for your meal. Someone might babysit your kids while you take a hot bath. Someone might pay for a complete strangers groceries or gas? Or just tell someone they did a good job. And mean it.

I would like to think that if some movement got started because I wrote about Karen's incredibly nice gesture Kodi's inevitable passing won't be for naught.

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Tina said...

This was a beautiful passage. Thank you for sharing that. A person who pointed me in the right direction a few years back sent me the link!

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