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Monday, August 24, 2009

Entering Contests:
judged by other people. We entered the BeadWork Beaded Book Competition in 2008-2009. I guess our book is traveling with BeadFest. We've seen a picture of it on BeadWork's website and it was in BeadWork magazine but we have not seen the actual book since November 2008. Many of our designs go away for a least a year when they are published. We really have no idea when they will come back to us! Many times the publisher says the design will be featured in said issue of said magazine and it's postponed. Publishers usually don't give your designs back till the issue of the magazine comes out. So, right now we have four designs that have been gone for over a year and a half! 

So, I've been thinking about entering these contests. A design created for a contest would cost a fortune in components and time. And then to have it gone for years is kinda weird. But I really want to enter some of these contests.

One I have wanted to enter since I started beading is Bead & Button's Beaded Dreams Contest. I got to see some of the finalists this year in Wisconsin at the Bead & Button show. Actually seeing some of the finalist gave me a little more confidence to enter. Not that my work is superior to anyone who placed or won by any means BUT I saw their work and I feel my ideas were at least worth submitting? Not to say they would win or place but at least worth submitting. 

Now I am in research mode. Has my idea been done. About two years ago, I sketched out a bridal bouquet and had my mind set on making one. It looked like a country bridal bouquet. Lots of wild flowers, etc. When I saw the Bridal Bouquet that actually won the Bead Dreams contest, I thought...oh well. I was a little below par on that idea? HAHA 


But I am only ONE person. That bouquet was beaded by what, five people? And therein lies my dilemma? Do I devote months of time to bead something and spend hundreds of dollars to create it (wholesale cost to boot!) only to have a group of beaders nudge me out? 

It took us 7 months to create and bead the Flowers for Algernon book. And that was with help! The covers alone took four months of constant beading. The inside flowers took a month. Putting it all together took at least 4 weeks. Then the final touches took almost two weeks and that was with me staying at home!! 

I've got some SUPER ideas. I just don't have time to implement them all. And I put everything down in an idea book also my doodle sketch book. Believe me, I can't draw a straight line. But I know what I am drawing and I can look back and go.. Oh ya?! I remember that idea.

So far, I have not found my idea out on the world wide web. I've searched and searched all the beaders sites, blogs, etc. So as far as I know, I am safe! 

Now come the doubts again? Am I good enough? Do I have the time to devote to this project? Because once you start it, you can't just quit. If you're not a zillionaire and have that kind of money to throw to the wind! I've got enough UFO's (unfinished objects) laying round the place to start another bead store. But they are small projects save for my Bead Warrior design! Now there is a biggie. haha 

What are your opinions on contests? Have you entered? Have you thought about it? If you have entered, did you win? Place? Get feedback?
Write me your thoughts - theholebeadshop [!at] aol.com - or post a comment here.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for being here. Post. Comment.


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