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Friday, September 11, 2009

I am sick. Pretty much have a killer sinus infection. I relented and went to DOC Sherrock! She gave me antibiotics and I am eating them like candy. Almost asked for a vita-b shot, but held off. If nothing improves, I will go back. I refuse to be sick (all the way sick, I guess). I will NOT take this lying down. haha
Today's picture is representative of the way I feel and felt this week. See the BAD kitty face? See the BAD kitty hair? Yep. The only thing missing from this pic is a Marlboro and a Bud Ice. Of which I have neither BUT...well...

It started with that safe feeling you get when you pack the last order, stuff the protective paper in the box and print the shipping label. Ahhh We're done. Stupidly, I almost sat down to continue beading my snowflakes when BAM. An e-mail. Do you know where my order is? BAM. Another e-mail - GIANT wholesale order. BAM. I'm sick. SMACK. ANOTHER wholesale order. CRACK. I won't be coming in tomorrow. BAM. The website is down. BAM. SOLD out of WHAT KIT? BAM. THWAP. POW. WHACK. KABOOM.

One hit after another and I was down for the count. Sick. Feverish. Out of my element. Trying to keep my head above water and paddling like crazy. What a WEEK!
And, now I want to add. As sick as I am, I was VERY happy this week. All the smacks, blams, bams...mean the world to me.
  1. I am very fortunate to be busy.
  2. Bead & Button accepted our FIRST ever design for 2010.
  3. BeadWork accepted one of our designs for 2010.
  4. Bead Unique accepted one of our designs for 2010.
  5. Step by Step Beads accepted one of our designs for 2010.
  6. Kodi (my Chessie, see earlier post) has had a GREAT week. He's been very active, running, playing ball with DH every single day.
  7. I have some GREAT long time friends and I am meeting new ones every minute on FB & TWITTER. Like L.C. who is an absolute JOY in my life. Like C.F. who just made my year. Like M.W. who always makes me smile with her comments. Like W.B. who has been an inspiration to be for years and if not for her, I would NOT have my business. Like K.V. who I have known for over 20 years!! K.V. . . I lub u.
  8. My DH who has been working his tail off even though he was laid off. 13 years. 13 wonderful years.
  9. I am very fortunate to be busy.
  10. I have a BLOG? HAHA Whoooooooo in their right mind wants to read what I have to say? I have a website? I have my OWN business??? What a wonderful world.
So sitting here sick, getting ready to work on my beadwork, sniffling, blowing my nose, eyes watering, I smile. I'm happy, content, tired, overworked and over joyed at my life. Lucky, Lucky me.
Thank you for reading. Thank you for being here. Post. Comment.

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Stephanie Haussler said...

We are all definitely blessed to have such wonderful beaders to inspire us with all of their beautiful Lucite beads! Fringe addicts are lucky to have you here! : ) hope you feel better soon!

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