A minor victory . . .

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a major step. Tuesdays are our Monday, which may or may not explain today's pic.
I'll get right to the point, no dilly-dally.

Every year in January, I make a "Goals List" and at the end of the year, I check off what I have accomplished. Most of the time I accomplish over half the list. But one item on my list has eluded me for four years. The goal that has eluded me was to be published in Bead & Button magazine. You see, every single project we have submitted for approval at Bead & Button has been rejected. We have not hit the ball one time? Even projects that made the cover of other magazines were originally rejected at Bead & Button.

I began to wonder if I had "done someone wrong" over at their offices? Did I hurt someones feelings in an e-mail. Did I smart off to someone on the phone? Anyone who knows me, knows that I could NEVER ever do such a thing....haha Okay. Ummm. ya. right. But when you're rejected time and time again over something that you have personally created, you can't help but take it personally?

So, at the beginning of August we shipped a project to Bead & Button magazine hoping to get it in the magazine. When I didn't hear back, of course, the self deprecating disease of no self confidence took over, raised it's ugly head and bit off my self-esteem again...and then a little hope crept in and said "Kelli, what if no news is indeed, good news?" Last night I wrote to them and today I got a response:

"Hi Kelli,The editors have accepted the Lucite flower rings and they are tentatively scheduled for the October 2010 issue. I’ll send you a contract this week. Seeing we are unable to use the metal rings, those will be returned with the contract."

Click on "Lucite Flower rings" above to see the rings themselves, they are not the fringe ones but the metal and brown lucite leaves ring: click on Bead & Button to go to Bead & Button magazine)
And even though they aren't going to publish all the examples, they did accept one! So I say, persistence has paid off for me. I had to LET GO OF MY EGO and try, try again. And my minor victory has turned into a major step towards building a relationship with Bead & Button magazine. Plus, I can also scratch off another number on my GOAL LIST in December.

What have been your goals? Do you have any current goals? What helps you achieve the goals you set for yourself? Do you make the same goals over and over again if you don't achieve them or do you move on?
Tell us about it.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for reading. Post. Comment.

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