Introducing my friend Andrew Thornton

Saturday, July 31, 2010
My friend. Proud to call him that....very proud. He's an amazing person. Few people in this day and age try to live up to their OWN set standards, let alone the standards that OTHER people set for them.
If you were ever to talk to Andrew more than 5 minutes you would feel like you were connected to him for a million years. He's like a planet with it's own orbit and gravitational can't help but want to LIVE on planet Thorton...
In the link above is his blog.
He's celebrating 4 years of HIS blog...he's giving away some amazing beads to anyone who wants to LIVE on planet Thorton...And if you don't believe me about LIFE on planet Thornton: take a chance. Read his blog. You'll want to live there too.
Signing off as:
Twinkie Girl. And proud of it.

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Regina said...

What a nice post to celebrate a friend! I have not met him, but hope I will some day! In the meantime, I visit planet Thornton pretty much daily!

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