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Saturday, July 31, 2010

What would you do to help your friend?
I'm one of those people who doesn't have a TON of friends but I still talk to my grade school girl friend. The friends I have, are FRIENDS indeed...

My friend Karen has been amongst these friends for hundred years...she knows things about me that no one knows. . . and I know that she would never tell. haha Even though we do live apart, and have been apart, we have a bond that I feel just by hearing her voice on the phone.

Karen's become involved in Greyhound Rescue and has adopted/rescued two dogs from her area. She adores the dogs and I'm proud of her for taking on the responsibility of owning pets. Owning a pet is NO small sacrifice and is not something me nor anyone of my friends take lightly. (We're not one of those buy a pet and stick it outside because it isn't fitting into your lifestyle people. We're the "fit your lifestyle around your pet kinda people).

Recently, Karen made me aware of 29 Greyhounds that were rescued in Fort Worth, Texas. All dogs are in need of extensive medical care. Below is the link:

I'm trying to do my part by helping Karen, help the animals she loves. If you can in ANY SMALL OR LARGE way, DONATE to these organizations, PLEASE DO SO IMMEDIATELY.

It's my understanding that THREE of these dogs have already passed and more are very weak. The owner of these animals wasn't "one of my kind" and hopefully they'll get what they deserve. . . let's do our part to try to assist in helping these animals LIVE and LOVE again.

Thank you for reading my non-bead related banter.

More later..

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