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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Short and Sweet? Who said that first? Tonight's post is about keeping it short but oh so sweet...we're so excited I can barely type.
We just got in NEW inventory. And when we do get new inventory, I'm always excited to tell about it, to show it off and to work up something Lucy-licous. Our new product: Galvanized Lucite Leaves..... in Antique Gold, Brite Gold, Antique Silver, Brite Silver and Antique Copper (we would have gotten Brite Copper but it's not available at this time). We can't stop touching them - they TINK like metal but are lightweight like LUCITE and have a very SMOOTH cool feeling to the touch.

We've waited a long time to be able to afford to bring these leaves into our inventory. We've saved, not eaten, done without, skipped Tahoe vacations, etc! It's been a sacrifice of LOVE....(are you buying it?) Seriously, we did wait a LONG time to get these beautiful leaves in and we're hoping you like them so much, we can get OTHER styles....Yes. Of course. I'm female - and already looking into the future.
So, if you're even a little interested - go to our website and check these SWEET babies out. Hopefully we'll be able to make something UP this weekend to show next week here on the blog and on Facebook- not a FAN of Facebook - WHY NOT?

Want to contact us for more information? Write us at theholebeadshop [!at]

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Pixybug Designs said...

Love these! Especially the antique gold and antique copper! I posted pics of some new jewelry with you lucite on my blog tonight!

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