108 Dang Degrees and Terrence Malick

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Okay. I'm getting very angry and it's NOT because business is bad or any of the other usual suspects. I'm getting angry because there has been no break in the weather and its' ravaged us all at over 108 heat index, 66 to 78% humidity and no wind. I'm a LEO and a self-proclaimed SUN GIRL. . . but this is too much. And I hate having the SLAP - PAT philosophy but it's going to be that way in this portion of my blog. Because I am just angry...I'm exhausted from the heat. I'm tired of sweating. I'm tired of showers (yes, can you BE TOO CLEAN?), I'm tired of washing my clothes because they are soaked with sweat. I'm tired of hearing the a/c constantly run because I know the bill is going to make me MAD too. I'm angry at the energy I am using to fight off the effects heat has on my body. And you know, I'm angry at being angry about the heat!! And with all that being said. . .

The little town I live in, Bartlesville, Oklahoma (pop. est 26,000+/- 1,000) has been overrun with MOVIE STARS! In the last week we've had (and no, I'm not joking nor making this up OR embellishing) Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Rachel McAdams, Christian Bale (and rumors of Javier Bardem OR Jeffrey Dean Morgan) here filming a movie with Terrence Malick (who is from Bartlesville...) I apologize for all the "sidebar parenthesis" but there is so much information, I don't know where to put it all? HA
Here is a RUMOR link (kinda?) http://www.theplaylist.blogspot.com/2010/02/terrence-malick-to-shoot-new-film-in.html

Rumor is that Ben and Jenn ate at Weezie's Cafe this morning (three BLOCKS from my home) and clients were told to leave them alone while they ate..
They were ALSO spotted at one of those HUGE chain stores that starts with a W that I refuse to shop at, and now I'm kicking myself. It's absolutely FUNNY to me that I moved here from some of the biggest cities in the US and here we're being invaded by paparazzi and movie stars because Terrence Malick is from Bartlesville.

So. Tomorrow in 113 degree heat, we plan on doing some STAR STALKING. Of course, I'll keep everyone posted on FB and the BLOG. We're bringing binoculars and telephoto lenses...

And on another completely unrelated note:
The Hole Bead Shoppe is getting about 3000 roses in the shop this week and a brand new surprise that we've had made JUST for us, which really means JUST FOR YOU!!!!!I will give you a HINT - It starts with an "L" and is LUCITE but posing as something else....

Wish me luck!
Hugs! XoXo Thanks for reading. Leave a comment. Check a box. Come back...I really don't mind.

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