Trade Show Series (cont.) Guest - The Sparkling Pat Riesenburger

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I've never "met" Pat. We've chatted, e-mailed and Facebook'd for years. I feel like I know her but I've never actually met her. And if you put a gun to my head, I'd be hard pressed to find a ONE single word that describes her - she's a mother, an innovator, an entrepreneur, a wife, a newly crowned Swarovski Ambassador, a crafter, a thrifter, a comic, an animal devotee, a gardener, foodie, home decorator (running out of breath) and a of those real friends - you know you can count on - that you know is listening, no - hearing you when you talk and one of the few who accepts you for who you are...not who they need you to be. . . 
And even though I've not met Pat, she's actually created two of the most memorable moments of my life. I'm so very proud to include her in my very intimate circle of people I "tag" as friends and I thank her for the valuable lessons I've learned in the short time I've known her. And here she is - Pat Riesenburger:
Yep, It's really Pat Ain't she cute?? 

1. What brand do you fall under (if any):

Artist, Teacher, Business Owner

2. What type of Trade Shows do you attend as a vendor (not buyer) and how many shows do you attend:
My show experience has been somewhat limited as I have not been inclined to spend time away from my kids.  I have been a vendor at To Bead True Blue (Tucson) and TNNA . I am hoping to expand my horizons in 2012.  My nest is will soon be empty as my youngest is heading off to college.  I imagine that I will be more free to travel at that point!

Pat's jewelry

3. How far in advance do you plan for each show (i.e. inventory, advertising, hotels):

About 8 months before a show I start to “noodle it around” by loosely contemplating product, display ideas etc.  Things start to get a bit more serious at the six month point, which is when I must commit to product if it is to be available for the show.

4.What type of advertising do you use, if any:
I rely on the promoters for most of the advertising and have been pleased with their efforts.  I also promote the event on my blog and on my website, as well as through e-newsletters.

5. Do you have any tips to prevent loss/theft at shows:
I am probably too cavalier with respect to loss prevention.  I tend to adopt a “your karma is on YOU” attitude and assume that folks will behave responsibly.  I am not one of those who ties down display samples.  There is always some degree of …ahem…attrition….but I chalk it up to a cost of doing business.

Pat's Thrift finds

6.Do you have a timeline for when and how to apply for tax permits or certifications for other states? And a good way to keep up with multiple permits and tax payment deadlines:
Ummm….Errrr…[I am blushing here…..]….basically I show up at the venue and wait for all of the tax people to track me down.  They always do!

7.What suggestions do you have for display ideas that meet both convention center guidelines and fire Marshall specifications:

It is always a challenge to STAND OUT in a sea of color and glitz.  I am the queen of “decorating on a dime” and one of my favorite tricks is to hunt for large framed pictures at thrift stores, never spending more than a dollar or two. I throw away the paintings and keep the frames, which I spray paint black.  I then staple black chicken wire to the back of the frame and VOILA!  I have the perfect display for my hand dyed fibers!  I simply weave the wool in and out of the chicken wire and hang the “artwork” in my booth.  It is cheap, easy, and attracts a whole lot of attention.

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See the rest of Pat's answers September 2nd, 2011

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