Trade Show Series (cont.) Guest - The Sparkling Pat Riesenburger

Friday, September 2, 2011

A continuation of Pat's sparkling personality shining through in her answers to our Trade Show Series on how to become a large venue trade show.
Pat made this shirt!

8. Can you share tips for increasing sales:
I have had good luck with packaging special product mixes that offer customers a broad selection for one low price.  Additionally, I like to have an expansive range of price points so as to take advantage of any and all impulse purchases.   I always advertise a big giveaway so as to grow my email list.  While this does not impact show sales, a large email list sure does impact my “after show” sales.   I also endeavor to be a walking billboard for my product line-----killer jewelry is always a must!  Finally, I like to do demonstrations…they attract attention and interest while giving me something –other than the weather or some other inane topic---to talk about!  Someone who might have simply walked by the booth will be inclined to stop—and buy--- if I am teaching a technique or two.

9.Outside of shows, how do you market yourself or your brand:

Blogging is a big part of it, as are free tutorials and videos.  I try to stay active on social media---it is so important! I am diligent about sending out customer E-newsletters---I couldn’t stay in business without them!

One of Pat's adoptee's - Cooper!

10. Do you use a standard setup for every show you attend or do you adjust your setup for each show:

I haven’t done enough shows to have a standard set up yet!

11. OPTIONAL: What reason would you give your clients for attending shows as a buyer, even if you were not a vendor:
Trend watch!!!!

Stunning Fiber work! 
12. Optional: What makes you continue to attend shows as a vendor – i.e. money, marketing, social networking:
Shows have not been big money makers for me if I look only at the show receipts.  I do them for the exposure…there is a heck of a lot of residual.  It gives me an opportunity to build my e-mail list, enables me to touch base with other vendors (who often become good friends), and keeps me abreast of the industry.  Trade shows are CRITICAL!

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