Trade Show Series - Guest - Effervescent Marianne Kasparian

Friday, August 12, 2011

I hate admitting that my favorite part of the Trade Show Series blogs has been describing my personal relationship with each guest. Marianne Kasparian is no exception - as far as I'm concerned she's the rule.  How can someone be the rule and not the exception? As a rule, we should aspire to be like her! Simply stated - she's effervescent - she's contagious - she's strikingly beautiful - humble - gracious - sincere - frank and the quality I found most appealing about her - she listens when you talk

When you're with her - you feel like you're her only client, which is as far from the truth as I can possibly stretch it. Marianne (or MAK as her friends call her) is an amazing RAKU artist. She manages to mold stoneware clay, nails, staples, glaze into stunning creations of art - ready to add to anything-especially jewelry. While I could write an entire blog post about MAK - I'll let her speak for she is - Marianne Kasparian of MAKU Studio.

Marianne Kasparian

1. What brand do you fall under (if any): Independent Jewelry Artist, Business Owner; Artisan and/or other: 
All of the above! I suppose that I am a raku artist who makes jewelry when I have time. Though I wouldn't technically "brand" myself as a business owner, I have to be one to make all this work!

2. What type of Trade Shows do you attend as a vendor (not buyer) and how many shows do you attend:
I still consider myself relatively new in the trade show world. I am currently a vendor at 2 bead shows...Bead and Button Show and the To Bead True Blue (and The Tucson Bead Show which runs back to back with the To Bead True Blue, I count that as one show). I also do a couple of smaller craft fairs in my area. I would like to add 1-2 trade shows in the future as my son gets older and can help me with the shows!

3. How far in advance do you plan for each show (i.e. inventory, advertising, hotels):
I'm trying to get better at planning...definitely not my forte! I probably start stressing/planning about 3 months in advance!

4. What type of advertising do you use, if any:
I have done a little print advertising (magazines) in the past, but currently mainly "advertising" (not paid for) on facebook and twitter. Social networking and word of mouth are amazing!

MAK's heart

5. Do you have any tips to prevent loss/theft at shows:
Make sure and greet every customer and fill holes as soon as pieces are sold.

6. Do you have a timeline for when and how to apply for tax permits or certifications for other states? And a good way to keep up with multiple permits and tax payment deadlines:

I can't wait to read what others have to say about this! All I can say is to just do it. Be timely in order to avoid penalties!

7. What suggestions do you have for display ideas that meet both convention center guidelines and fire marshall specifications:
What works for me is keeping it simple.

Like MAK's answers' - tune in 8/16/2011 for the rest of her guest appearance.
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MAKUstudio said...

Thank you so much Kelli! You are such a sweetheart! Too kind! You made my day with that intro...I'm overwhelmed! Thank you again my friend!

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