Trade Show Series - Guest - Effervescent Marianne Kasparian

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If you're back to read the continuation of Marianne Kasparian's Trade Show guest appearance, thank you! To her credit - Marianne (MAK to her friends) is one of those people that you meet and feel like you've known for years - she makes you feel at home, like sitting in your own living room, with her - every single time you see her.
If it's your first time seeing the series - start here...In the beginning...we're trying to give the new vendor a jump start to attending bead shows like the pro's - so The Hole Bead Shoppe used some of it's contacts to give you information from those vendors who regularly attend bead shows - and do it well.

8. Can you share tips for increasing sales:
I've been fortunate enough to have some talented designers use my pieces in their own creations. This alone has boosted sales tremendously. So, I would say to pair up with some designers that are great at promoting your product. This allows more time for you to create or work on other aspects of your business. Also, I know many people who offer coupons to their repeat customers. Though I don't tend to do that right now, it is a good way to increase sales at shows. I also think that always giving great customer service keeps you up front in your customer's mind and that goes a long way. 

9. Outside of shows, how do you market yourself or your brand:
Social networking on facebook and twitter. I don't do as much as I could/should, but do post when I can. Also, listing on Etsy as often as I can, gets my work great SEO (search engine optimization). In the past, I have also done Google adwords. 

10. Do you use a standard setup for every show you attend or do you adjust your setup for each show:
For the most part, it's the same at all my shows. Consistency is important. It's part of your brand.

11. OPTIONAL: What reason would you give your clients for attending shows as a buyer, even if you were not a vendor:
Inspiration! There is so much to see! Going to a show guarantees to get the creative juices flowing! Many times vendors offer items at shows that they don't offer on their website. You get to feel and see in greater detail what you are purchasing (as opposed to online). I also can't say enough about the friends you meet!

12. Optional: What makes you continue to attend shows as a vendor – i.e. money, marketing, social networking:
I think, for me, getting and keeping my name out there is a huge reason for doing shows. Also, still being relatively new in the bead world, I feel like I'm still introducing my work to people. I find that many people still don't know what raku, it's kind of educational as well. Another big factor is actually meeting my customers in real life! Making those connections is really important. I find that when I connect to someone on a personal level, they are more likely to connect with my work.
What I wouldn't do to own these pieces!
Like Marianne's answers? Find MAK at MAKU Studio

Tune in 8/19/2011 for Kate McKinnon - Kate's website

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