How to become a BETTER Student . . .STUDENT: Diane Whiting

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I admit to not knowing Diane Whiting very well - at all. I know of her - her work - her reputation, her accomplishments as a beader. Diane Whiting is a Swarovski Ambassador and moderator at! She's internationally recognized teacher and most important to me - she's a doll! Here's Diane's student answers:

3. What is the average cost of your classes? (don't need exact, just average costs)  $60
4. Do you usually take a class that supplies a KIT? A. if not, what motivates you to take the class? (cost, teacher, friends) Yes.
5. When you signed up for your class - did you read the prerequisites for the class or just assumed you could learn once you were in the class - in front of the instructor - with the instructions/diagrams in front of you?  Read prerequisites.
6. Did you learn the techniques you paid to learn in each class (be specific) and if not, please tell us why?  Yes, I learned them all.
7. What was the best thing about taking the/a class?  The people I met (teachers and other students)
8. What was the MOST difficult obstacle to overcome while taking the class?  Sharing some of the tools and supplies.
9. Was the fee you paid for your class - worth it and why or why not?  Yes, I've made some great friends and I learned techniques that I had struggled to learn on my own (i.e. knotting).
10. Adding all your classes together - to make ONE class - what could you have done better - as a student - to get more out of your class experience?  I really feel as if I got as much as I could out of all classes I have taken. Only need more $$$ and more time to take additional ones!
11. OPTIONAL: If you want - write some tips for others who might want to take a class in the future.

a. Pay attention to the instructor
b. talk to people around you: get to know them as well as the class technique
c. remember if you are brand new to the technique you won't be perfect, so relax and take the time to learn

Like what you've read about Diane Whiting - find her here: Community at Create- your - style 
Next we have Maureen Warland on 10/16/2011.
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