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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pamela and I are "Facebook" friends...she graciously accepted my questionnaire challenge and was finished lickety-split. If you're not enjoying the fruits of Facebook networking - you're missing out. Here she is:
Pamela Troutman

3. What is the AVERAGE cost of your classes (don’t need exact, just average): $75.00

4. Do you usually take a class that supplies a KIT? Yes – I’m lazy and prefer to get everything in one neat package.
Bead Embroidered Elephant
     A. If not, what motivates you to take the class? (cost, teacher, friends) But I’m motivated to take classes to do something I enjoy with new friends for that day.

5. When you signed up for your class – did you read the prerequisites for the class or just assume you could learn once you were in the class – in front of the instructor – with the instructions/diagrams in front of you?  I do read the prerequisites, but rarely do they hold me back. As an advanced beader – I find myself helping the people around me (with the instructors’ blessing first). I sometimes like to challenge myself with new mediums I’m not familiar with and want to play with, but not take up as a full time hobby.

Paulette Baron class 2011
6. Did you learn the techniques you paid to learn in each class (be specific) and if NOT, please tell us WHY? This is    precisely why I take classes, to learn    new techniques.   Only once did I not  learn what I paid for (Peruvian Crochet class), though I did manage to make a  nice pendant that I’ll never be able to duplicate. The reason   was the instructor did not speak English  and his instructions consisted of photos  with no words and they were all left handed. We were promised a video, but that was over a year ago and I doubt I’ll even receive it.

7. What was the best thing about taking the/a class: I enjoy seeing how things are done first hand-live. I am a visual person and when I can examine finished examples and create one with guidance, then I’m on my way to taking what I have learned and making my own version.

8. What was the MOST difficult obstacle to overcome while taking a class? Besides not speaking Spanish (see response to question 6)…The most difficult obstacle for me is not always having the right tools. For example, I had never done metal work, so I borrowed some classmates and the instructor’s tools during the class. Patience for waiting for the tool to be available, and then not feeling rushed when someone else needed to use it.

9. Was the fee you paid for your class – worth it and why or why not? In most cases, the fee is well worth the class. If you think of the time that instructor took to create the project, test it, write the instructions, make the kits, travel to your town, deal with students who are in too deep, etc. you would realize that they often do this for the love of art, not to get rich. Only one class did I feel I should receive a partial refund on due to not receiving written or video instructions to continue future projects with all the materials I have from that kit.

10. Adding all your classes together – to make ONE class – what could you have done better – as a student – to get more out of your class experience? Bring a good light and extension cord. Take more stretch breaks. Exercise your hands and fingers for a few days before class.    
Beautiful project
11.  OPTIONAL: If you want – write some tips for others who might want to take a class in the future. I suggest the following questions for beginner students to ask instructors before signing up for a class in something they have never done:

A. How much experience in this medium is needed?
B. What are the minimum tools/supplies needed that are not in the kit, to make this a successful learning experience?
C. Will I be able to create the entire project in the class?
D. If I can’t finish the project in class, how many hours does the kit take to complete on average?

If a student asks these questions up front, they will either not take the class or not leave the class frustrated because they were not prepared.

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