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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Each Student (some students are also teachers) were asked the same questions. Here is the first question of the series. I’ve combined all the students’ answers on this question and thus defining the order they appear in the blog. Each student’s answers will be posted for a day or so...with an intro (yesterday) and a conclusion following the last student’s responses. As you will see we’ve gotten some great information here and have some super students! Thank you all for taking the time to share your tips, experiences and time with us.

The ONLY prerequisite for STUDENTS to be involved was:
FIVE or more paid classes under their student belts – meaning that they had to have taken at least FIVE classes and paid for them (not free classes or workshops where they had to buy supplies BUT paid for the actual class)

First Student Question – Answers Combined:
How many classes have you taken as of 7/25/2011 and LIST the types of projects (I asked the students to leave out the project name and instructor names for this question):

Kristen Ho: Twisted RAW, Wrapped Cab, Twisted Multi-strand necklace, beaded bead bracelet, chainmaille earrings, mixed media with images, box chainmaille bracelet.  

Lexi Schwartz: 50 – necklaces, bracelets, earrings, other items not wearable, RAW, peyote, herringbone, brick stitch, bead embroidery. 

Zura Rickman: 25-30 – starting an online business, gratitude, soul journaling, art journaling, fabric journal making, goal setting, creative inspiration, creative coaching, drawing, painting, creating eBooks’. 

Pamela Troutman: Too many to count 3-4 per year for the past several years through the Northern Virginia Bead Society.  Projects using seed beads, poly clay, PMC, Metal and wire wrapping.  

Diane Whiting: 13 classes – Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and General Design/Trend Review  

Maureen Warland: 25-30 classes. (editors note: Maureen’s answers were very detailed, I had to edit them for content – I think I’ll post her entire questionnaire after the blog series but for now I am using some highlights) Peyote Stitch Cabochon, 4 days of RAW, Dimensional beading, Mixed class with RAW and Peyote necklace, Wire work, chainmaille, Lampwork, Coloured Metals, Form Folding metal. 

AJ Reardon: 7 total classes – Kumihimo cord, mini beaded quilt, beaded faerie, herringbone, bead embroidered focal, herringbone/peyote combination necklace, RAW variant bracelet and mini-workshops on mixed media jewelry.  

Jennie K. Stephens: Too many to count – freeform wire work, wire wrapping, crocheting with beads, MANY different seed-bead stitches, a 3-month metals class, freeform seed bead stitches, crystal rings and baubles…all from beginner classes to highly advanced.  

I’ve slightly edited some of their responses for content – not to change what they said but only for size of the blog. As I said before – these students know what they are doing when taking classes and have shared some valuable tips for us all. I can’t tell you how impressed I was by reading their answers.

Thanks to our students: Kristen Ho, Lexi Schwartz, Zura Rickman, Pamela Troutman, Diane Whiting, Maureen Warland, AJ Reardon and Jennie Stephens.

Like what you've read so far? Next - we'll post individual answers!  Leave a comment, share it, check a box! Thanks for reading.

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