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Monday, January 30, 2012

If you're on Facebook you've seen many of your friends posting "Happy Chinese New Year" which is the year of the Dragon. There are actually 9 dragons, I guess so I've included a link to read about all 9 dragons and a little bit about Chinese Horoscopes. But I digress...normal for me. ha! Since it is a new year - not just for the Chinese but round the world.

A variation of Lucys' Day in the Sun using a Black Diamond Rose

I've decided to do a few informative blogs about our Lucite. Starting with our 40mm (base is 40mm) four-part roses - which are SUPER popular.
You can plainly see the four parts here.

And another view of the four-parts here.

Our Lucite is colored at the manufacturer. And like seed beads or resin - the coloring process is difficult to say the least and sometimes we get shade variances but most of the time - the colors are very true. I've lost count of how many styles we have anymore but I do know that we have 18 standard colors and two different production lines. With the two different production lines there are color variances, because, of course, there are two different manufacturers.

D_F205 Evening Blue

D_F29 Evening Blue

Our 40mm (base is 40mm)four-part rose D_F205 is $3.50 retail price. Click here to find them on our website. There are actually four different parts of the rose and they can be used independently, together or two pieces together and so on and so forth. But I am sure you just want pictures, right? Here you go...see the pretty pictures? 


And those are just some of the colors we carry on a regular basis here at The Hole Bead Shoppe. We love Lucite! 


Kim said...

Wow Lucy's Day in the Sun is stunning! I'm glad you are doing this, those roses are gorgeous and I will have to get some next time I order.

Zura said...

Love the new look! Super clean and pretty.

The Hole Bead Shoppe said...

Thanks you guys! The roses are a source of pride for us. We love them and they were a very big deal to bring in to our little business. It's very easy to forget how small our business is - we like to think BIG. lol
We hope you enjoy the Monday Lucite Updates...

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