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Monday, February 6, 2012

One of our designs using the D_F29 in Rose Pink

We're doing a new series on our blog - Featured Lucite products that we carry on a regular basis. As we said, we carry in most lines, 18 regular colors that are colored at the manufacturer. And as with seed beads, resin, glass - each batch run can be shades of the original color and have slight variances but are very close to the original color. 
Yellow D_F29 Earrings made by Moodyhues on Etsy - link below:
Lucite Earrings on Etsy
Having the ability to reproduce Lucite colors and carry the same color line is one of our proudest accomplishments since our business opened almost 8 years ago. The goal being we wanted to be sure to help our designers and wholesale clients restock inventory and make kits, using our Lucite. 
D_F29 Cup Flower - 12x9mm
Todays' feature is D_F29 12x9mm Cup Flower. It is one of our more popular Lucite flowers because it's so versatile. You can stack them, as with any of the Lucite -into the center of another flower, you can add a stamen of seed beads, you can put up to a 6mm bead inside the flower. It can be used as fringe, hanging off the end of a fringe stitch. And we have over 20 colors in this style.

Click here to find the D_F29. And look below to see some of the beautiful colors we carry in this line.
As I said earlier - we have over 20 colors of this style. It's such a versatile flower, we adore it. Check it out on our website and we know you'll love it as much as we do.

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Rachel said...

These are gorgeous and the colors are simply yummy. I will these out and share. Thank you!

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