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Monday, March 5, 2012

When I got the idea for this series, I wanted it to be information for our clients and fun, well, fun for all of us. There is nothing worse than writing boring blogs - except reading them. SO I'm trying to give information while showing lots of examples and pictures - let me know what you think...I'd love to hear from you.

Let me ask you: Are you buying CURRENT REPRODUCIBLE PRODUCTS at VINTAGE PRICES? Beware! Ask questions....if a product is labeled VINTAGE, there should be a limited supply! 

Today's feature is Vintage - Fun. So the not so fun part - when do we classify something as Vintage?

  1. Our supplier tells us it's vintage stock.
  2. Supply is limited and cannot be purchased again/found.
  3. What we have on hand is all we have and all the supplier had- no reorders.
  4. Plus 20 years or older (some say Vintage is 50 years+; other say 50 years+ is Antique)
We only buy from reputable business persons and going out of business sales. We've made every effort to label our products correctly. Count on it.

Vintage stuff! 
Our Vintage Category Header - FUN!
These unusually shaped pieces are a fun alternative to the standard Lucite and bright, fun shapes! We love calling them "Hip-see Flowers"
As you can see, these little jewels sparkle and shine and can't help but make you smile. Like Gerbera Daisy's. . . Find our fun and funky flowers here.

Like what you see? Click here to find our FUN, FUNKY, RETRO, HIP-SEE shapes and styles. We'd love to know what you think. So leave us a comment. Share the love with your friends. Join us...

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