Lucite Trumpet

Monday, February 20, 2012

D_F40 Trumpet is 31x12mm
We just brought in this line of flowers in 2010. It was one of the most exciting inventory purchases we've had since we've been open. When we saw other companies calling these VINTAGE and selling these flowers for $17.00 for 6 pieces or $9.00 for 6 pieces we decided it was time to order them in mass and give our customers a pocket-book-break?? 

These flowers are current production and are NOT Vintage and we sell them for $1.00 per piece and you can assort them, which is great because you can purchase two of every color for earrings! They make excellent gifts for your friends because who doesn't love light-weight substantial earrings? 

We have 18 standard colors in this line, including JET. The JET we carry is OPAQUE, not translucent and is permanent - it is NOT an over dye. It is actually the color of the Lucite pre-mould status. The TRUMPET is a large piece, which makes it suitable and perfect for long earrings with chain or forcing a 6-8mm crystal or round inside it. It is also gorgeous layered on necklaces and because of it's almost weightlessness - feel free to add chain, crystals and more to your design, but it would also look absolutely gorgeous dangling from your wrist on silver chain in CRYSTAL MATTE. Simple. Elegant and super light. You could even add some AB crystals for a bit of bling.


At $1.00 per piece, you can't afford not to get these for your bead stash. Simply stated - it's a beading imperative.
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