The Lucite Rosebush Leaf . . .

Monday, April 16, 2012

Today we're featuring the D_L60 which is 20x30mm and .80 each. The leaf is wafer thin but is almost indestructible. So it's an excellent choice for any design you want to incorporate into.
We added L60 to the bottom of the fringe on this Ornament because it has detail on both sides.
We particularly like the intricate detail on both sides, if it flips over it actually looks like the underside of any natural leaf.
If you use Scarlet L60's instead of Rose Pink, it looks like a Poinsetta
We have also used it in a ring design because it gives you that fashionable large area ring but NO weight.
We love using it in our earring designs because it has enough surface area to dangle things in front of but is lightweight enough to wear on your ears. 

Our original ring design was this concept. Metal leaves, metal shank, bezeled Rivoli all sewn to Lacy's and glued to the upper portion of the shank. The result was a STUNNING piece of jewelry that appears soldered but it woven. However, the sheer weight makes it prohibitive to wear for long periods of time.

If you like what you see - you can find the D_L60 here. 

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