The Mighty-est TINY-est Lucite of all . . .

Monday, April 23, 2012

Today we feature a piece of Lucite that is pound-for-pound stronger than any other Lucite we carry and even though it's only .10 per piece - it sells more in dollar value than ANY of our other Lucite - combined.

We'd like to introduce you to the D_F95. Coming in at 6mm wide in diameter and weighing less than 1 gram, it truly is the FEATHERWEIGHT of all Lucite. Our website says we have 21 colors in this style but I think it's more. . .some might not be listed.

We use this piece of Lucite extensively - in almost every single project we design. It's a bead cap. It's a flower center. It's graced three magazine covers!


It's a fringe topper, being so lightweight, the fringe doesn't even falter. It's a seed bead cup. 

It's baby breath. 

AND. . . 

Hope you didn't think we were done.
It's all these things as well. .  .

Can you say VERSATILE? 

It's an anchor for headpins, it's hole is so small that it fits perfectly on the end. 

It's a crown for royalty and a halo for Angels.

And even though it's the smallest flower we carry - it's perfect all by itself. 
So, if you agree with us - this little baby is absolutely essential to your Lucy collection, stop by the shop and find the F95 right here.

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