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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I have a fever tonight of 101 and am feeling achy. I think I'll just keep it very short tonight. Maybe, just maybe, I've been pushing myself way beyond where I am supposed to push? haha

Our Delicas are almost gone. An e-mail will go out tonight with the FINAL discount coupon code inserted in the post.

1. Who can buy them: Anyone. Just DO NOT buy anything else or it will mess up your cart. Just buy Delicas. If you need Lucite or supplies, make another purchase if you are WHOLESALE or DESIGNER discounted client.

2. The last discount will be 50% off. It's final. No other discounts will apply and whatever is left over, we're keeping for our own personal use. They won't be in the store and they won't be on the web. :o( So don't hold out, buy them now.

3. If you follow Facebook, Twitter and this blog. You're going to see a special post soon about an upcoming event we're having at our shop. It's a BIG deal and right in time for your holiday shopping needs. Check your e-mails, check the BLOG, check Facebook and Twitter.  I feel it's a BIG deal. And it might be as good as our Annual Hallowbling event. (might?) haha

4. Did you know that our shop has TWO Totems: A purple hippo and a ladybug.
Stay posted.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for reading. Post. Comment.

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