Hump Day. . .

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

twas Wednesday, almost Thursday now. again. . . I am tired and achy. Trying to keep my head up as I type. So I must say, I'll keep it short again. After the novels I have composed, you must be relieved. haha The above picture suggests how I feel...death on my lips. 
We shipped off Phalange Plot to Step By Step Beads last week. We got an e-mail stating they received it.

We shipped off another project to Bead & Button a couple of weeks ago, no word as to what has become of it.
We shipped off another project to BeadWork three weeks ago, haven't heard from them either.
Bead Unique has requested Material Girl. However, another magazine requested the same project. Now we don't know what to do. I just know I better feel better soon or we won't get anything sent anywhere. We have many other projects in the works but nothing I have yet to report.
Would you like your projects posted here on our blog? Send us a picture with your name and if you have a website, we'll try and post it. 
Thanks for reading. Thanks for being here. Post. Comment.

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Pixybug Designs said...

Love the skull. I feel like death warmed over too!

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