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Monday, August 2, 2010

Introducing my friend: Christina Neit of Good Quill Hunting.
Chris is one of those people that pops into your life unexpectedly - and when she does, you LOVE her. She's open. She's smart. She's so funny and full of life. She's exceptionally loyal...She sees GOOD in people. Now that I've become acquainted with her, she's become such a part of my life that I'm a better person. I read her FB posts all the time and well, I am certainly jealous of the time she has to devote to her love of beading and the skills she possesses to create her art.
Chris is hosting her second annual Haute Couture Beading Contest (link above and here)
I'm not just writing about Chris because I donated to the contest OR other reasons (she asked me to judge the aforementioned contest...still in shock?) I'm writing about Chris because it takes a BOAT load of work to host, run, organize a CONTEST and I'm proud of her. And it's a good thing to support women business owners!
So, post this to YOUR FB page. Tweet to all your friends. Tell all your beady friends about her contest. She's managed to accrue some great prizes for the winners!
And if you haven't met Chris a.k.a. Good Quill Hunting - you're missing OUT on something REAL. How about those apples?
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