How to become a BETTER Student . . .STUDENT: Lexi Schwartz

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lexi and I have 52 mutual friends on Facebook. When I sent out the call for volunteers - she answered! How sweet is she? She's a toothache baby, a real toothache. Here she is...

Lexi Schwartz

3. What is the AVERAGE cost of your classes (don’t need exact, just average): $60

4. Do you usually take a class that supplies a KIT? Depends on the class. If one is offered, I may choose it so I can concentrate on the techniques. If not, what motivates you to take the class? (cost, teacher, friends) The project and the techniques.
Sherry Serafini Class

5. When you signed up for your class – did you read the prerequisites for the class or just assume you could learn once you were in the class – in front of the instructor – with the instructions/diagrams in front of you?
I was tossed into an intermediate class for my 3rd class by the shop owner. I survived. I read the prerequisites to see what we will be working from.

6. Did you learn the techniques you paid to learn in each class (be specific).
If NOT, please tell us WHY?
Yes. I've come close a couple of times, but working with the teacher, and my fellow students, I've accomplished the technique.

7.What was the best thing about taking the/a class:
Learning new techniques, making new friends, and design ideas
NanC Diagonal Herringbone

8.What was the MOST difficult obstacle to overcome while taking a class?
The teacher who isn't prepared. I had one that was having marital problems.

9. Was the fee you paid for your class – worth it and why or why not?
Normally. The one I mentioned above, was a debatable one, but I did finish the projects, but more from reading her instructions a month later rather than learning during the class.

10. Adding all your classes together – to make ONE class – what could you have done better – as a student – to get more out of your class experience?
Since I'm 99% happy with my classes, I don't know as there is anything.

11. OPTIONAL: If you want – write some tips for others who might want to take a class in the future.
If you want to take a class that involves a stitch you're not real familiar with practice. If you are having difficulties, speak up, and the teacher may be able to figure out why you're having a tough time. 

If you like what you've read you can find Lexi here: 
Lexi's Blog
Next we have Zura Rickman.
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