The new face of LUCITE - Meet Lucy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My journey with beads began accidentally. Technically, like so many of us, I was a hobbiest, a "scrapper". I worked with stamps, mica's, paints, Marvy markers, stickers and more. I loved scrapping (I still do but have no time?) - to me, it was like coloring with crayons? Every page is a new pallette, a new adventure, a one-page artistic representation of my feelings towards the subject. I also made cards for birthdays, holidays, special occasions and just because?
Early work 

I was doing just that, making cards - when I found beads at a local craft store. And my bead journey started there on that isle in 2003 and I've not looked back since.
After I found beads at my local craft store - I found Lucite on E-bay and the rest is history.  
Rose Gold - one of my earlier works

I tell my story for the simple fact that if you're reading this then you will know that with time, patience, persistence and dreams - you can do anything in this life. You can make a simple thought into a reality, you can make a lifelong dream a lifelong plan. You just need to see it and go there - your path may split and take you down an unexpected road but every road is a journey, right? 
Early LUCITE work

So - on to the unveiling of our new logo - Lucy. In 2006, I had a thought to make a cartoon representation of the Lucite we sell. We call Lucite flowers and leaves - Lucies' and if you didn't know, we've made a series of designs based on the name Lucies'. So what could be better (well, maybe ice cream) than having a Lucy logo? I talked to at least 10 different artists about creating her image - each said they could/would but never did. But as I said before, your path my split and take you down an unexpected road but that's the journey! 
A custom order for a woman who was the Watermelon Queen of her town. 

I was introduced to Ed Howe through his wife Sheryl, who over the years has been a customer and friend of ours. Ed, a retired fire fighter - has always dreamed of being an artist. I looked at Ed's work and thought he could be the man for the job. Turns out - for once in my life, I was right! ha! After working with Ed for a few weeks - he came up with the perfect Lucy. 
Summer's Gate won BeadStyle's glass challenge.

Lucy is the artistic face of Lucite at The Hole Bead Shoppe and she was conceived, created, designed just for us. Her creation will officially start our 10+ week Trivia Scavenger game with our Facebook Fans and our website customers!

In less than three months - The Hole Bead Shoppe will GIVE away more than $1500 in prizes and gift certificates to our FANS and CLIENTS! More than we've ever given away, at one time in our 7 years of business.
Lucy. I love her...I hope everyone else does too! 

If you would like to reach Eddie Howe - E-mail Eddie here

Leave a comment. I'd like to know what you think! Will you play our trivia scavenger hunt starting in TWO days? It's going to be great!


Zura said...

Lucy is beautiful. I guess you just had to wait for the perfect artist to come into your life. I'll be watching for the trivia. It sounds like so much fun. Congrats, Kelli, on conceiving and realizing your dream. You're the BEST!!!!

Kim said...

I love your Lucy! Eddie is very talented and did a great job!!

Sally Anderson said...

You found the right artist for sure! Lucy is beautiful and I'm excited to see where you two go!

Sally Anderson said...

Looking for the trivia question. Isn't that supposed to happen today?

Pixybug Designs said...

What a beautiful logo! She is lovely and makes you smile just looking at her! What an awesome post Kelli! I will certainly be on the Scavenger Hunt! Love "games" especially with Lucy awarding the prizes!

Pat Riesenburger said...

Love her! Great job with Branding, Kelli!

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