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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zura is my near-bor. If I had a really long arm - I could touch her house. I can't begin to say how much her being my near-bor means to me. Zura is a ball of life - the joy she brings to those around her is without a doubt beyond any words I have in my vocabulary! She loves to learn and she lives to create - whatever it may be -here she is
The FAB Zura Rickman

3. What is the AVERAGE cost of your classes (don’t need exact, just an average): Probably about $45

4. Do you usually take a class that supplies a KIT? No.
A. If not, what motivates you to take the class? (cost, teacher, friends)
First the subject matter, i.e. something I want to learn. The teacher influences my decision, IF the teacher is someone whose work I admire and want to learn from. But I’ve taken several classes from teachers I didn’t know, just because it was something I wanted to learn.
I am influenced by the class description. If there are a lot of details in the description that seems to indicate the teacher has spent a lot of time preparing the class and that she is excited about teaching, this is a big plus!
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5. When you signed up for your class – did you read the prerequisites for the class or just assume you could learn once you were in the class – in front of the instructor – with the instructions/diagrams in front of you?
I read the prerequisites, always. I hate to be in a situation where I'm over my head so I pay close attention to that info.

6. Did you learn the techniques you paid to learn in each class (be specific). Not all of them.
A. If NOT, please tell us WHY?
I remember one class where the instructor didn't really teach, but rather just showed us her work. She demonstrated her doing it, but didn't really teach us how to do it.
In another one, the teacher was quite haughty about her skills and seemed to belittle students who asked for feedback so I didn't want to make myself subject to ridicule.

7. What was the best thing about taking the/a class:
Learning new techniques!! In almost every class I've learned about new ways of doing things, new materials to use, and a new perspective on old ideas. The teacher's enthusiasm is always a bonus, too.

8. What was the MOST difficult obstacle to overcome while taking a class?
Usually there are none. If the teacher isn't experienced or is disorganized it can be difficult to keep up with her, or to learn from her.

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9. Was the fee you paid for your class – worth it and why or why not?
There is only one where I felt like the fee wasn't worth it. That was the class I mentioned above with the haughty teacher.

10. Adding all your classes together – to make ONE class – what could you have done better – as a student – to get more out of your class experience?
I tend to be intimidated by people who I perceive as knowing more than me, so I think I could probably be more outspoken about not understanding things, or needing more help.

11. OPTIONAL: If you want – write some tips for others who might want to take a class in the future.
Ask around. Word of mouth is the best way to learn about teachers and their classes. Find others who have taken classes or who know the teacher and find out if she will be presenting what you want to learn.
There have been a couple of times when some of my favorite artists were teaching and I was excited to take their class, but by asking around I learned that the teacher wasn't teaching what I would have expected, so saved a ton of money by not signing up.

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