The Lucite Leaf

Monday, February 13, 2012

Type "Lucite Leaf Earrings" in the search box on Etsy and see a huge selection of some of the most creative/adorable earrings I've ever seen.

What are Lucite flowers without Lucite leaves to complete the look? Our first leaf (should say leaves) are the D_L79 and D_L80. Find these leaves here.

Actually an L80, in pictures you can't tell the L79 from the L80
Resembling a Black Walnut leaf and/or a slender feather, these leaves are long, have a slender profile and add a "spiky" but "elegant" element to your designs, especially with earrings. I say perfect for earrings because Lucite is lightweight and durable, so if you're looking for a long, 
Black Walnut leaf Diagram
The D_L79 is 12x28mm with a center, top hole. Perfect for hanging from the open jump ring on French Earwires. And they make a soothing "clicking" noise when you wear them. Our website shows 20 colors available.
D_L79 and D_L80 leaves give you the look of feathers!
The D_L80 is 23x11mm and an exact twin to the D_L79, has all the detailing we love about the D_L79 but almost 5mm smaller! Our website shows 6 colors available in this style.

However, we've done something different with these long Lucite lovelies, we made them into a flower! 
 With a little bezel of a Rivoli and some stitching of these leaves, a beautiful flower appears - out of leaves! We've also made rings, earrings and pendants with the same technique.

We have kits for these style rings on our website or you can just buy the leaves. Ring Kits here. Find leaves here.

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